Brightwok Kitchen

While working in a fast paced kitchen, I overheard Chef Kolter Livengood talk about how he was making hot sauces at home for fun. I was intrigued. We met for coffee and talked about our passions and love for high quality food. Chef told me about his experience working for five years in Michelin rated kitchens, his appreciation of incredibly high quality and rare ingredients, the “shift pay”, and the stress. He understood the standards of fine dining, but was looking for other ways to share his art that was more approachable.
I was the type of person who would dread dressing up for fancy dinners and would much rather go to my favorite taco dive. Chef and I continued to spend time together and we determined that we had an opportunity to create something magical. We molded our appreciations and positive energy into creating Brightwok Kitchen. Our goal was to serve incredibly high quality ingredients in a very approachable way at very affordable prices. We knew it would be different than previous restaurants we worked at, but that didn’t bother us. It motivated us to work harder and smarter to create something different.
-Jeremy Klaben, Founder & CEO

100% Original and Homemade Flavors

Our Home

MON-FRI: 11:00am-8pm
SAT: 11:30am-8pm

Join the Team

We’re a bunch of crazy passionate people who’ve joined forces to create something special. We’re yogis, foodies, musicians, hip-hop dancers, knitters, skydivers, and puzzle enthusiasts. We believe in the work we do and would love to have you join our team! At Brightwok Kitchen, empowering others to be their best selves is what we do. We’d love your help.



We’re looking for people who:

Take initiative and are self-motivated
Are positive and happy. People who smile
Possess a strong work ethic
Demonstrate reliability
Are interested and interesting
Care about our community
Like to have fun
Are lifelong learners
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Contact Us

We believe we can make our restaurant better, and hearing your feedback will help us do just that. Thank you for taking the time to provide positive reinforcement, constructive criticism, new ideas, and new inquiries about Brightwok Kitchen. You can always reach us at 312.583.0729 as well.